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Lawn Care Services

Our Lawn Care Division Roots

Our vacation rental clients and homeowners deserved better lawn care service.

A commitment to service. Our founder, Brook Walsh, while running Northern Michigan’s largest property management company, continued to receive feedback from homeowners and vacation rental clients alike that the local service providers weren’t doing a very good job caring for their lawns. In some cases, homeowners and renters couldn’t get in or out of their driveway due to snow and ice buildup, irrigation systems failed and lawns were burnt, and lawns were not cared for properly and were left looking unsightly. The culmination of which meant homeowners weren’t satisfied with their homes and renters would potentially leave bad reviews regarding areas of responsibility that were out of Northern Michigan Escapes control. In either scenario, it was clear a change was needed. As a result, Northern Michigan Escapes acquired Northern Maintenance and Boyne Area Lawncare and dove headfirst into the lawncare service business.

Services Built on Service

Northern Michigan Escapes continues to build on the number of ways we can lend a helping hand to maintain and beautify our neighbors’ outdoor living environments. Currently, we offer the following service categories:

Northern Michigan Escapes offers lawn mowing services that surpass your expectations for less than you’d expect. 

Nobody knows how to care for your lawn quite like the expert lawn care teams from Northern Michigan Escapes.

At Northern Michigan Escapes, we care for your garden like one of our very own and love to get dirt under our fingernails.

When Old Man Winter throws you a sucker punch, Northern Michigan Escapes has got your back.

One Lawn, One Relationship at a Time

Brook didn’t set out to become a thought and business leader within the lawn care industry, nor was he qualified. He simply knew how to nurture relationships. And he wasn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Two qualities, it turns out, homeowners as well as employees seem to really appreciate—as proven by their repeat business.

Our Lawn Care Guru

In order to bring a level of lawn care expertise to the company, we recruited Jeremy Neer to lead our lawn care division. Like nearly everyone at Northern Michigan Escapes, Jeremy is a local who grew up in Boyne City. Jeremy earned a four-year degree in turf grass management from the nation’s top ranked program at Michigan State University. Prior to joining Northern Michigan Escapes, Jeremy worked for Boyne Resorts for 23 years, the bulk of which he served as the golf course superintendent for the Heather golf course at Boyne Highlands Resort. In 2018, the course received local and national awards.